HR Role: Ensuring productivity and employability

There is a perpetual debate about the role of HR in an organisation. After recent HBR cover story on Bombing HR, the debate has become even more intense. Over a period of time I have learnt that an organisation looks for “Productivity” from its employees, while the employees look for sustaining their “employability” and avoiding obsolescence over a longer period of time.

In my role as HR head of a technology company, I have a simple formulation on which we test all our initiatives. We believe that HR’s key role is to make “Happy talent available for the organisation”. For our HR Business Partners the key accountability is “Enhancing Productivity”. HRBPs have to constantly think about how to measure, enhance and support employee productivity. They may have to look at work processes, job design, skill enhancement etc. to deliver the same. On the other hand the Training and Development team has to focus on “Ensuring employability”. T&D has to ensure that training not only delivers on the demands of the business but also ensures improving future “employability” of employees. With the above formulation we have noticed that we are able to keep a very tight focus on meaningful results and are able to cut through a lot of jargon.

How are you leading your teams in these interesting times?

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