Sensory data tricks you to give up on dreams.

A new voyage, a new journey, a new enterprise, a new game, a new profession is launched with a vision of a bright future.  The visionary in you sees the exciting new reality, as you embark on the journey.


However, after the initial excitement comes a situation, when the real data; the experiential feedback starts hitting home.  The product is not noticed in the market; the ball is not hitting the goal; the body is getting tired; the opposition is tough; or the resources are depleting.  A large number of people are not able to hold on to their dream or their vision as it is difficult to continue nurturing the imaginary world  of  vision in the light of bombardment of contrarian sensory data. The real data questions the feasibility of the dream or the ability of the dreamer to achieve it.  

This sensory data causes the excitement to drop and the devil of doubt starts raising its head. At this stage, it is the decision a person makes, that decides if the voyage would continue or get aborted. The critical choice is either to adjust the effort to move closer to the dream or to adjust the dream to move closer to the experienced reality. Those who succeed in any enterprise are willing to go through this process of holding on to their dreams and continuously calibrating their effort.  


So continue to hold on to your dream even if the experiential data says wake up!

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