Revenue jump of 100% for last three years: 

The company offers CAD design services primarily to the US market. Last many years they were experiencing stagnation and no significant growth.  The key problem was they were not able give consistent good quality of service to their clients. 


With our interventions the company achieved a jump of 80% in Quality of Service delivered and the Revenue jumped almost 100% year on year for last three years. The employee strength jumped from 250 people to 800 people.

5 times appreciation of share price:

The company is a global leader in VAS and Entertainment services. Over the years the organization was expending in various global locations and adding delivery capacity, however, the commensurate revenue growth was not taking place.  As a consequence, the company had to go for rightsizing the organization.


With our interventions the company managed to bring down the human resource cost by almost 40%, leading to a jump in its profitability and share price appreciated by 5 times.  Apart from financial improvement the company also experienced a 20% jump in employee satisfaction.

Award for Best Global Service Vendor:

The company is a leading IT organization. It established an eLearning division servicing global clients. Organization was experiencing rapid growth.  The revenue in short span of 3 years had grown by 10 times and the manpower increased by 4 times.  This rapid growth created problems of ‘Inconsistent Quality’, ‘Missing deadlines’, ‘Working overtime leading to burnout’, ‘Blaming others for failures’, ‘Attitude of non-cooperation’ etc.


We made multi layered intervention across organization.  We evaluated the result of the intervention after one year.  We helped organization achieve ‘Sense of belonging’, ‘Motivated teams’, ‘Greater Innovation’, ‘Sharing of information’ and ‘Ownership of responsibility’.


Over and above the organization received the Best Global Vendor award from the client.

Readiness for IPO:

The company is a leading rice exporter. It had its manufacturing, quality, marketing and legal system quite much in control. However, with regard to people, both on roles and contract, they were quite much at a loss and ill-equipped to handle. It was a critical requirement as in next 18 months they were planning for their IPO.

After an initial audit and survey, we realized where the company actually needed to start. Instead of starting with HR systems, we put in place their complete ‘Annual business planning & budgeting’. We facilitated the group’s Vision, Mission and Values articulation. We helped design their compensation and performance management system. We also put together and supported the implementation of a comprehensive policy document in line with the Organizational Values and finally moved out after hiring HR head for the organization.  The company has since grown multifold.

Post merger team integration:

A Large Israeli Pharmaceutical took over an Indian pharma company.  The merged entity had members from both the organizations in the Top Management team. Their were conflicts and issues in every day management.  The challenge presented was to “Integrate” the top team and to facilitate the group cohesiveness to work on the new business challenges.

We took up the assignment to bring the team together.  . Detailed discussions with the MD & key members of the team helped us structure the entire intervention.  Post intervention feedback from the Managing Director says it all - “A wonderful experience wherein the representatives across the organization participated together and are going really charged up to bring up the organization to a much higher platform.”

Building the culture of excellence:

Company is a major telecom software service provider.  In the initial years it was growing by about 60% year on year and was experiencing attrition of 30% plus.  The core value of organization was “Technical Excellence”.  However with such high growth and attrition they were not able to institutionalize their values.   The challenge became more significant as in 18-24 months the company was planning to launch its IPO.

The intervention designed was focused on reducing the attrition and building the culture of excellence.  The end result of the intervention was that the organization received multiple national and global awards for innovative HR intervention to build organizational culture.