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Business Growth Consulting

Are you experiencing stagnation? Do you have clear business growth strategy and execution plan? Are your people fully aligned with your vision and strategy?

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Cultural Transformation Consulting

In your organization do you also have the same motherhood list of cultural traits like collaboration, ownership, innovation, team work etc.

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Leadership Growth Consulting

You have arrived at your current position with your hard work and excellent track record. However, the challenges of the new role are overwhelming.

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Digital Transformation

Are you looking for transforming the Employee Experience in your organization? We understand your vision and advise, design and implement total digital transformation of your employee experience.

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About Us

We are a boutique  management consulting firm focused on delivering business result by intervening on the people side of the organization

Contrary to popular belief that decision making is a rational process, scientific research in the field of neuroscience teaches us that the decision-making process is emotional.

People use rational to substantiate their emotional decisions. We bring in the latest knowledge in the field of neuroscience to application in influencing organizational behavior and culture change.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We take up the long term projects and help the organizations in implementing the entire change management process.

No. In our change projects we work with all parts of organization to ensure that the desired result is achieved. 

News & Blogs

  • New form of organizations

    In these Covid times, yesterday I came across a mail from the management committee of a residential community in Bangalore.  This is a very large community of high-end professionals with skills in a variety of areas i.e. Software, Sales, Operations, etc. Most of these professionals are working in sectors like IT, Banking, Consulting, and many others.

    December 18, 2020
  • The death of the lone hero

    In my last 25 years of corporate experience, I have seen the rise and fall of the lone hero. There was a time when the lone warrior went out and won for deals, thought of the next best idea, and even saved huge costs. Organizations treated these guys with utmost respect, designed their reward systems to recognize

    December 18, 2020
  • Sensory data tricks you to give up on dreams.

    A new voyage, a new journey, a new enterprise, a new game, a new profession is launched with a vision of a bright future.  The visionary in you sees the exciting new reality, as you embark on the journey.   However, after the initial excitement comes a situation, when the real data; the experiential feedback

    December 18, 2020
  • Discipline yourself, others will follow!

    In almost all my leadership programs, one question that pops up continuously is, “Are leaders made or born?” In my view they are neither born nor made. Leaders are self made. The good news is Leaders are NOT born. We can all be leaders in our own area of work and life. The critical news

    December 18, 2020

Leadership Coaching

Our leadership coaching process is embedded in the business context of achieving results. 

We facilitate the process of reflection and action to create lasting success. 

  • CEO Coaching
  • CXO Coaching



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