Our Services

  • We enable organizations in engaging their People to become the most productive contributors to business results.


  • We understand, apply and influence Employee behavior by using learnings from Behavioral Science, Neuroscience, Psychology and Organization Design.


  • We cover organizational aspects like Organizational Culture, Growth Strategy, Innovation, Employee Engagement, and Leadership to create measurable business value.  

Business Growth Consulting:  Are you experiencing stagnation? Do you have clear business growth strategy and execution plan? Are your people fully aligned with your vision and strategy? Do your people understand and demonstrate the behaviors and work habits required for the success of your strategy?


We help organizations:

  • Define the next growth strategy

  • Create meticulous communication and socialization plan

  • Align organizational structure, processes, culture and people behavior

  • Set up monitoring and review mechanisms

What we do in Business Growth:

  • Diagnose what is causing the lack of growth

  • Partner in solving the roadblock

  • Supporting day to day implementation of plan and achievement of next phase of growth

Leadership Growth Consulting: You have arrived at your current position with your hard work and excellent track record. However, the challenges of the new role are overwhelming. Your old strategies are not working.  You want to reflect, bounce ideas, and work out change strategies.  We partner with you in your journey for change. Leadership is all about decision making and communication. Contrary to popular belief that decision making is a rational process, the scientific research in the field of neuroscience teaches us that the decision-making process is emotional.  People use rational to substantiate their emotional decisions. We deploy the latest knowledge in the field of neuroscience in our leadership coaching practice.

Cultural Transformation Consulting: In your organization do you also have the same motherhood list of cultural traits like collaboration, ownership, innovation, team work etc.; but do not know how these connect with your strategy or how to get everyone aligned with these cultural traits. Hiring a great talent is a difficult job in itself. Making sure you’re your People remain engaged and do not hold back their discretionary effort is a huge challenge for any organization


Transforming culture involves bringing about change in mindset, behavior, habits and skills of employees of any organization. Most importantly it cannot be delivered with a top down dictate.  We help organizations review their current culture, its impact on their strategy and making a transition toward a culture aligned with the vision and strategy of the organization.  We support organizations to understand this entire cycle of creating suitable organizational eco system that encourages employees to give their best.  In this process we deploy learnings from cutting edge research in the area of culture building and transformation in organizations.

Digital Transformation:

Are you looking for transforming the Employee Experience in your organization?  We understand your vision and advise, design and implement total digital transformation of your employee experience.